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Holiday River Expeditions

Holiday River Expeditions is not only about adventure and the adrenaline rush it gives. More than the experience of feeling your senses come alive, Holiday exists to promote a deeper appreciation and love for the wild, rugged wild lands and the beauty and peace they provide. With all their guided tours and excursions, Holiday aims to promote an awareness of the need to preserve not just the wild lands, but also cultural treasures and precious natural resources cradled in them.

Holiday River Expeditions specializes in Colorado River rafting trips, Grand Canyon rafting, mountain biking tours, white water rafting trips, multi-sport adventures and retreats. They can tailor these trips for families, youth groups, die-hard adventure-seekers and women’s groups. Other specialty trips can be designed to cater to a wealth of activities – bird watching, kayaking, hiking, spiritual rafting and historical and naturalist excursions.

These rafting vacations and adventure trips are packed with activities, as well as nights spent telling tales in the campfire, moments of simply listening to the rushing river and the surrounding quiet, as well as mornings waking up to the smell of a well-cooked meal. Guides are professionals who are well-trained and have a passion for the land. Thus, they are excited to share their knowledge while ensuring that guests have fun, are safe and well-taken care of.

Holiday is known for its landmark “Leave No Trace” principle, where guests get to enjoy the beauty of the wilderness while minimizing the environmental impact on the areas where the tours are conducted. Currently, the practices developed from the “Leave No Trace” principle have also been adapted by National Parks and other land management and conservation agencies.

How It Started

Holiday (formerly Holladay Expeditions) was founded on Dee and Sue Holladay’s lifelong passion for glorious rivers, canyons and landscapes. Thus, the company was started in 1966, first as a team of river outfitters and currently, a provider of tours and adventure expeditions. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation for its commitment towards conservation and responsible stewardship, safety, the innovative use of equipment and facilities as well as a brand of hospitality from people who love the land and would love to share this love to others.

This love for the land and commitment to the environment has garnered rewards and recognition from conservation stewardship groups. Holiday has also obtained safety awards because of their dedication to ensuring their guests and employee’s safety.

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