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How to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization During the Holidays

Search engine optimization is the process of using certain marketing tactics to make a business website outrank its competitors in the search engines algorithms. After all, the higher a site appears on the list, the more likely it is that a consumer will click on it.

This holiday season, most shoppers will be doing at least their research online, if not all of their gift shopping for the season. That’s why Utah SEO is so important. For some tips on how to keep your site at the top of the list this holiday season, see below.

Keep your rankings up before the holidays hit. Don’t expect some tricks to make your site miraculously jump to the top just by adding a few keywords here and there during the holidays. Research shows that those sites that were always in the 90-95th percentile of top searches jumped up even more by as much as 30% during the holiday season. Work on your SEO all year long, and it will pay off during the holidays as well.

That being said, do revamp some keywords for the season. Research also shows that certain holiday-centric keywords have a significant jump during the season as shoppers search for vague but specific things such as “stocking stuffers,” “gift” and “last-minute.” Use this to your advantage by adding in these keywords into your site content during the holiday season.

Fix any issues. Making sure your site can handle the surge of online activity during the holiday months is crucial to success. Make sure your codes and content are up to date with the most current guidelines for search engines, remove anything that could be a red flag, and be sure your site will load in a timely manner.

Bring out your newest stuff right around Christmas. If you have a product or service you have been hoping to launch, a few months before the holidays is the time to introduce it to your consumers. Make it a part of your regular campaign, as well as any written or video content available on your site. Be sure to market it as something that can be perfect for a holiday gift such as highlighting features that make it “great for kids” or “delivered by Christmas!”

Go the extra mile for your most loyal customers. For anyone who subscribes to your newsletter online or has joined a mailing list, invest in the extra holiday marketing. It may seem counterproductive to send out mail catalogs and e-newsletters or advertisements, but research shows that consumers don’t mind receiving these extra bits of mail when it pertains to retailers or products they care about.


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