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How to Make Your Company Blog SEO Friendly

It’s no secret that blogs have become an enormous part of millennial marketing, and can add a significant amount of value to your website when used correctly.

Blogs can answer everything from common product queries to humanizing your company by introducing team members. Whatever you decide to use your blog for, see below for some great ideas for how to improve your search engine optimization rankings with your company blog.

Don’t just throw out a bunch of keywords. Keywords are always going to be important, as they are building blocks to having your site pop up when the search engine finds those particular words or phrases. However, today’s consumers aren’t falling for it. The only way to keep a customer returning to your site after they purchase is by offering engaging content that makes sense and answers common questions that you’ve been researching about your product or service. Do your homework, and provide insightful answers in your blogs.

Choose your platform wisely. When creating a blog that’s going to be linked directly to or from your site, it’s important to choose a platform that will allow you to control your content, schedule posting and fix problems quickly. The last thing you want is a broken link that is going to flag you for a penalty in your Google rankings. A Salt Lake City SEO specialist can help to create everything from the look of your blog to managing its copy and posting schedule.

Make it easy to share on social media. Plug-ins that will create an automatic post for users on the major social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter are easy for a UT website design company to add to your blog site. If it isn’t easy, it isn’t happening, so these plug-ins are crucial to your social media presence. If you are offering engaging content, someone is going to find it helpful enough to share with their social community, so make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Reach out to credible sites that can feature your blog. o-called “social influencers” are everywhere these days, and they are followed by thousands or sometimes millions of social media users. Their presence is huge, so they can help you out if you reach out to them about featuring your product or blog. Become a guest blogger, and you’ll be able to educate potential customers on your product or service within an organic reach.

Don’t repeat; refer instead. Posting duplicate blogs will only make search engines recognize a lack of quality, so it can effectively drop your rankings fast. If you want consumers to fall down the rabbit hole of your site and stay a while, reference older content within the newer material with a hyperlink instead of reposting. This will ensure that your consumers have access to useful content that may be relevant to what they are searching for now, and keep your site fresh from redundancy.


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