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HTML Coding Cleanup: Maximizing your Visibility

Keep it simple, sweetheart!

That piece of advice has done a lot of people good. And it may also prove helpful to you as you consider cleaning up the HTML coding for your website. Although HTML code is “behind the scenes”, never seen by your readers, it still has an effect on the way your website works. You see, you will need to do periodic clean-ups of your HTML codes, as these tend to get cluttered over time due to updates and changes made to a web page. As a result, page load times slow down, the webpage becomes less efficient, and ultimately, it can drive down your search results ranking.

The more ungainly and cluttered your website HTML is (where it is bloated with unnecessary or even sloppy HTML code), the harder the time a search engine spider will have “looking” at the content on your webpages. The search engine spiders may decide that they have gone far enough and stop looking at your page. This can cause you to lose precious points towards your site ranking.

Having clean HTML helps in drastically improving your ranking in Search Engine Results Pages. Clean and uncluttered HTML makes the search engine spiders find and index your webpages more easily. It also gives them an easier time to navigate between webpages of your site. Search engines look into text, keywords (with keywords up to a certain density percentage), links and link titles or tags (title tags, alt tags and H1-5 tags).

Below are a few pointers on keeping your HTML in good working order:



For a quick fix on HTML code and CSS code, try using Although not all errors (with regards to SEO or online marketing) will be discovered, some 10% of these will appear so that you can make the necessary fixes.

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