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IFS360 Website Design

IFS360 is a warehousing and fulfillment company that works with companies of all types and sizes. They carry thousands of in-stock products, allowing most orders to rapidly ship within 24 hours.

Many types of eCommerce companies use the services provided by IFS360, as the benefits include complete purchase and warehouse inventories, daily order processing and shipment information, direct shipment to consumers, order bundling services, return processing, product receipts and shipment for food and hazmat products.

Passing on substantial cost savings to companies, IFS360 focuses on leveraging their shipping volume to pass on discounted shipping rates and allowing companies to forgo the hassle of dealing with direct shipments.

ifs360 also offers the conveniences of eCommerce distribution management services. These services include, but are not limited to, setting up products with Internet retailers, using video product demonstrations, offering promotional planning services, maximizing marketplace optimization and making payments directly to companies.

Their comprehensive services also include access to a qualified sales team, logistics information, financial reports, essential analytic details, product information, data warehousing details, drop shipping, graphic designs and PR services.

As IFS360 began to grow, they turned to Adaptivity Pro, a Utah web design company, to fulfill their Internet marketing plans. With a mere vision in mind, Adaptivity Pro’s expert design team was able to turn an idea into reality. Featuring an easy to read website with a simple step-by-step approach, IFS360’s site design highlights unique infographics, an easy user interface and even a Fulfillment Quote Generator.

With a contemporary design and logo, Adaptivity Pro was able to take a verbal design concept and transform it into one that features rotating graphics, testimonials and eye-catching, quick-loading Flash images.

To take Adaptivity Pro’s website design services a step further, their management team not only coordinated with designers and talented programmers, but also copywriters to create unique content that is specific to IFS360’s company vision.

Adaptivity Pro specializes in creating upscale websites that adds marketing value to companies’ marketing campaigns. Their websites help increase and drive search engine traffic to landing pages, help draw and funnel targeted traffic that is looking for certain services or products, offers higher than average “organic” search engine results and focuses on creating easy to navigate and high quality pages. With lower-than-average development costs, Adaptivity Pro focuses on producing a high quality, affordable product. With experienced employees that constantly stay up-to-date on the latest search engine algorithms, coding techniques, etc., Adaptivity Pro can also offer maintenance plans to make sure that websites always stay up-to-date with modern technologies.