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The Importance of Business Websites

Having a website is a vital component for a successful business. While most businesses have an online presence, there are still some companies that don’t see the importance of being online. To prove the value of having an online presence, Adaptivity Pro lists the top reasons why businesses of all sizes should consider having a website.

  1. Online Searches – Nearly 80-percent of people conduct online web searches for businesses. This means having some sort of online presence is necessary for businesses to succeed. Most search engines focus on displaying local search results, which gives nearby companies a competitive edge. Mobile applications are rapidly gaining popularity, as more people are using mobile devices to search for businesses. For companies that don’t want to be online, this makes it impossible for 80-percent of the public to know they exist.
  2. Updated Portfolios – Having updated websites is also important. Whether it’s announcing a product release or highlighting the latest company contract, consumers are impressed with sites that reflect current information. Outdated information is a turn off to many consumers, as it relays an unprofessional business image.
  3. Money – Adaptivity Pro can guide companies about moneymaking opportunities with business banners or other affiliate networks.
  4. Non-Stop Service – Websites offer companies 24/7 advertising. This ensures that potential customers have access to information anytime of day or night. This is especially vital for e-commerce websites that offer online shopping. Customers can shop when it is convenient for them and easily purchase products in the privacy of their homes.
  5. Cheap Space – Instead of investing in valuable highway frontage, websites allow companies to succeed despite their physical locations. In fact, websites can represent a warehouse or even a successful home business. Instead of spending valuable money on a high impact physical location and decorating an office space, websites allow a company to hire independent contractors and employees that work from home. Saving valuable profits, companies can explore alternative work locations that are less expensive and more productive to bottom line earnings.

As a leader in Utah web design, Adaptivity Pro employs numerous experts. With professionals that specialize in management, design, programming and writing, their comprehensive SLC web design team not only meets, but also exceeds companies’ expectations.

Adaptivity Pro offers banner advertising, e-zine advertising, email marketing, link building, web analytics and website conversion techniques. They specialize in increasing eCommerce revenues, lead generation, boosting Google rankings and also offer rapid response times. Their portfolio encompasses a range of industries, including adoption agencies, chiropractors, auto companies, restaurants, landscaping companies, construction businesses, furniture, tourism and even directory websites.


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