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The Importance of Customer Reviews for SEO

Customer reviews make strong social proof. At the back of people’s mind, their question is: “Who else is buying this? What do they have to say about this product?” What’s more, customer reviews also make for good SEO. From a Search Engine Optimization perspective, the more reviews you have, the better your performance in search results.

Here are some reasons why getting reviews from customers will also increase your SEO rankings:

Because of the importance of customer reviews, you should also have a proactive and well thought-out Review Acquisition and Reputation Management Strategy. Here are some things you can do:


About Adaptivity Pro

Reviews and other e-commerce concerns are important for your business success. You may need a team to help you manage these and optimize the SEO opportunities that come to you. This is where Adaptivity Pro can help. With our expect Utah SEO analysts and programmers, you can implement vital strategies to ensure you keep track of both negative and positive reviews and harness these for SEO purposes. Adaptivity Pro also specializes in Utah web design, Internet marketing and other related services.


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