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The Importance of Security in Website Design

Remember the Ashley Madison fiasco last year? The website that facilitated confidential affairs for married persons had their data breached. The hackers released key user information, much to the embarrassment (and legal headache) of the individuals included in the list.

This example only underlines the importance of website security. This is especially true for e-commerce websites, that receive their customer’s personal information (names, addresses and credit card details). As a business, you have the obligation and responsibility to keep these data safe.

Here are some things you need to consider with regards to website security:


About Adaptivity Pro

When you consider website security, you should start with a Utah Web design company who can you a team of website programming experts who know the ins and outs of website security so that you can build a robust and hacking-resistant website. Of course, you still need to have someone to regularly perform a website security audit.

Aside from web design, Adaptivity Pro also offers SLC Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing and Social Media Marketing services.


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