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Improve Conversions Through Landing Pages

So, you have been successful in drawing traffic to your site. The efforts to craft effective ads, being easily found through an organic search and building links have finally paid off. What next?  It is vital to follow through with your SEO efforts by ensuring that when readers do find you and your website, you are able to, at the very least, start a conversation with them.

This is done through the landing pages. These are the pages where your readers usually get to meet your website, sometimes for the first time. When effectively designed, landing pages can result in a desired action from your readers. Through various calls to action, you can direct people to provide their names and contact information, take a look at your products or subscribe to your regular publications and announcements. In fact, you can have different landing pages for different audiences and calls to action.

Here are some tips to make the most out of your landing page:

–          Get to know your target audience. The key to an effective landing page and call to action is to know who you are talking to. What will capture their interest? What do they need and want? What particular goal do you want to achieve for them?

–          Divide traffic sources and users into different segments. To provide more targeted pages, you can create different landing pages for your different traffic sources – social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as online advertisements. Segmentation will also help you evaluate the success of your campaign.

–          Do not use your homepage as your landing page. With the density of the content and the number of elements included, the homepage can actually be confusing to a first-time reader who does not know how to get to the page they want. So, why don’t you bring them straight to that page? This is a page that is specifically designed for a particular action – your landing page.

–          Get straight to the point. You only have one page, or, in most cases, half a page to grab your visitor’s attention. Don’t waste it on fluff! The headline of the landing page should be straightforward and relevant. The text should be limited to a few paragraphs, preferably using bullet points for easier scanning. For SEO purposes, it should also contain your target keywords. The content should be the same – providing your readers with an offer and then a call to action. Avoid cluttering your page with a lot of unrelated information, hyperlinks or campaigns.  These will only compete with your primary message and distract the reader.

–          Establish trust. Because scams and spam have been cropping up, it is important for you to build your reader’s trust, especially at this crucial point when you have yet to establish a relationship with your readers. This can be done by adding a phone number and contact information.  The landing page should also be consistent with the overall look of your brand and company. You should also be sincere and factual about your offer and call to action, shunning any gimmicks and exaggerations that can undermine your credibility. Do not promise too much yet deliver too little. One effective way to establish trust is to get endorsements and testimonials, if possible from people who are well-respected and credible.

–          Test your landing page’s effectiveness. Run tests by playing around with the different elements of the landing page – tweaking the size, color or placement of the different elements. It will help answer the following questions: Do you use pictures or not? How many testimonials should be included? What kind of call to action works best?

Adaptivity Pro

These are just a few of the tips that can help produce landing pages that get the results you need. For more practical and tried-and-tested methods, you can go to Adaptivity Pro. We are your Utah web design expert, providing you with well-thought-out and well-designed landing pages and web pages. Adaptivity Pro also specializes in Utah SEO, social media marketing and other web-based requirements.


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