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Improve Your Rankings with Inter-Linking

It’s all about links. Having links, both internally and externally, will help raise your search engine results ranking as search engines “see” how important a particular webpage is. With external links, you need to have effective link building strategies so that other website owners will want to link to your site.

However, you have control over your internal links, and thus, inter-linking is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss out on. Not only is inter-linking (or linking one page to different pages within your website) a very effective SEO strategy, it also proves helpful in giving users more ease in navigating your website as well as in giving them an idea of how your website is set up.

In addition, as you provide descriptive in-content links, you help the search engines index your webpages faster as they know each webpage’s contents and how important one particular page is vis a vis the others within your website.

When inter-linking, be sure to take note of the following.



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