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Increasing Online Sales this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of giving… and consequently, of shopping. Cash in on your customers’ search for the perfect gift (whether for loved ones or for themselves). Indeed, you can get your slice of the holiday ecommerce pie with some extra effort and some wise e-marketing tactics.

Here are some ways to get the most out of these holiday season buying spree:

–          Make your presence more visible this early. Fire off a series of teasers and promotional e-mails that cover Hanukkah, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These e-mails can contain free e-vouchers that they can redeem as early shoppers (with effective dates well before the major holidays). You can also reach out to previous customers to give them the sneak peek of premium items and bestsellers.

–          Go mobile friendly. Early shoppers are starting to browse online shops during their downtimes. It is actually an excellent way of ticking off items in their Christmas shopping list. Be sure to have a highly responsive and optimized website (or a mobile version of it) to ensure continuous engagement and to make it easier for shoppers to click that checkout button.

–          Provide gift-related articles. The search engines are now starting to get fired up with keywords such as “gifts for the holidays” or “gift suggestions”. Create content and landing pages that provide searchers with useful content related to their search. Articles should show how your online store can be an excellent provider of easy-to-find and well-thought-of gifts for their loved ones and friends. This can be highlighted by articles with titles such as “Top 20 gifts under $20”, “Holiday Gift Guides for Wine Lovers”, “Top 10 gifts for the man who has everything”. The wise use of popular holiday keywords can help increase your rankings in search engines.

–          Publish snazzy infographics. Infographics are fast becoming a favorite when it comes to customer engagement. They provide useful information in an interesting (and sometimes humorous) way and tend to be shared through the readers’ social media accounts. This gets you more visibility, especially for audiences that do not have a previous relationship with you.

–          Get active on social media. Support your website marketing efforts with a strong social media presence. Start contests, holiday-related videos and promotions that will get customers engaged in your e-commerce website.

–          Set aside extra manpower budget. This will usually be a busy season for most e-marketers so it can be helpful to have someone else perform the marketing activities for you. This will help you focus your attention on serving your customers. Get an experienced web marketing company that has a proven track record for increasing their client’s visibility and customer engagement.

–          Sway the undecided .The process of purchasing may sometimes get stalled as would-be buyers remain undecided on the purchase. They may have already placed items in their shopping cart but may have stalled the purchase or abandoned their carts completely. Be sure to proactively catch these before they walk out of the door for good. When the purchases are stalled, you can sweeten the offer with special promotions such as a time-bound discount coupon or free shipping. At the very least, get their e-mail address for future e-marketing activities.

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