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The Ins and Outs of Link Building

Link Building involves linking external websites and pages to a website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply one tactic used by Utah SEO companies to further encourage search results.

Building links is a difficult, time consuming process. Additionally, not all links are equal. High quality links, such as those to prominent websites, such as “The Washington Post,” make a significantly greater impact with search engine results’ pages. However, high quality links are few and far between, but it’s not impossible to build links using everyday resources.

Link building is vital to achieving organic search rankings, so it’s important that businesses understand how link building works.

The Importance of Link Building

Link building plays a significant factor in Google’s web page rankings. One of the factors Google uses is ranking, which determines link popularity. This includes several aspects including the authority of linking pages, the content optimization of linked sites and the anchor text for incoming links.

Generally, Google rewards websites that have external links, as this allows for even higher content ranking.

External Sites

There are several strategies that companies can use when attempting to build external links.

Internal Link Building

While external link building is often difficult to control, companies can focus on using internal link building strategies.

 Most businesses know that link building is a complicated process, one that takes a significant amount of time. By hiring a SLC web design company, such as Adaptivity Pro, companies can place this responsibility in the hands of trained experts. With proven results, Adaptivity Pro has a lengthy list of accomplishments, including taking Yellowstone Resort to the first and second search engine result pages for 162 of 180 pertinent keywords.


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