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There’s more to being a copywriter for Adaptivity Pro than just writing. The copywriters main role is to write articles that talk about the clients service and/or product’s that help with internet marketing.  Copywriters will be trained to write content for websites, title tags and descriptions, and press releases. There may be other writing assignments depending on the client and what they need done to succeed. Copywriters will receive training and a good experience in writing and internet marketing.

– At least a sophomore.
– Good internet research skills
– Computer with Microsoft Word
– Good writing skills
– Resume with writing samples

Copywriters will be required to work a minimum of 10 hours per week but can work up to 30 hours per week in many cases. They can work morning, noon or night since the position is flexible with their schedule. They can work from home and will have regular training meetings and training calls.

Pay Rate
– Writers will be paid $8-$10 per hour DOE
– Contract position
– Paid once per month

To Apply
To apply for this position please call 801-512-2006. You can visit our website at

Copywriters can either do an Internship or apply for a part-time job. There’s also a possibility of an internship turning into a part-time job or part-time job turning into a full-time job.

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