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Jive Communications

Jive Communications helps clients harness the connecting power of the internet via hosted communications services – including enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications. Established in 2006, the company provides business VoIP systems via their cloud-based, purpose-built platform.

Clients can avail of:
Business VoIP Service.  Companies can save on phone and communications costs, as well as on phone systems through Jive Hosted VoIP. Plans can include unlimited calling and other value added services such as voicemail, caller ID, auto attendants, music on hold, call reports and logs, call forwarding, call recording, virtual extensions, unified messaging and more. Plans are provided at monthly rates. The good thing about Jive’s hosted VoIP phone system is that it is scalable to meet a client’s current and future needs. The proprietary platform also boasts of reliability, a must for business communications services.

Business Phone Systems.  Jive Communications provides a wide range of phone models and types. These phones and units are compatible with the Hosted VoIP platform. Clients can choose between the basic units and executive units, as well as conference phones and sidecars. Units are pre-programmed for easy installation and use.

Jive Broadband. To guarantee superior call quality over a VoIP network, Jive also offers broadband with a dedicated bandwidth with data access speeds starting from 1.5 Mbps to as high as 88.0 Mbps. This carrier-grade IP network means clients can not only support Hosted VoIP, but also other Jive hosted services. Location restrictions may apply to specific areas. The location of the client will also affect data access speeds.

Jive Customer Support. Jive Communications provide top-notch support to clients through its online support chat facility, as well as its phone-based technical support. Clients can also avail of user manuals and interactive tutorial videos, as well as records and monitoring tools.

Jive’s services enable ideal phone systems for small businesses. All plans come with high voice quality and enterprise grade features. The low up-front capital and monthly rate, as well as the ability to scale up or down depending on the company’s growth, make Jive the best partner for small business.

Jive Communications also works with reseller-partners who want to earn in terms of upfront commissions, as well as residual commissions for as long as the partner’ customers stay with Jive. Jive has an industry-leading commissions program. Partners can trust in the platform’s reliability with over 99.99% uptime and enterprise quality offerings.

About Adaptivity Pro

Like Jive Communications, Adaptivity Pro is a Utah web design company that works well with big or small enterprises. In fact, the SLC SEO company has itself grown and expanded. It started by providing services in the state of Utah, but it has since grown and is now working with both national and international companies and organizations.

Adaptivity Pro also seeks to harness the power of the Internet, but this time to help make a company’s presence more visible to its target market. Through a marketing plan created to suit a client’s unique situation, requirements and goals, Adaptivity Pro makes use of Internet marketing services to help propel the company forward into the high-tech future.  Adaptivity Pro is led by Mr. Eric Morgan, the president and CEO. His team is composed of experienced and expert copy writers, SEO specialists, web designers and programmers who work together to ensure customer satisfaction by way of innovative Internet marketing strategies.

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