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Key Analytic Metrics for Title Tags

Are your SLC SEO efforts working? One important SEO item that has the biggest impact with the shortest amount of time would be title tags.  Title tags give search engines an indication of the contents of a particular webpage. When the search engines “read” this page, they will make a comparison between the title tag and the page’s content (including headings and meta data). This is to ensure that the title tag is indeed relevant to the page and is an accurate representation of the webpage’s content and theme.

From the reader’s point of view, title tags are also important since this is the first thing that the users see in the search engine results. It will help them decide whether to click on to your webpage or move on to the next entry.

To measure the effectiveness of your title tags, here are six metrics to track:

  1. 1. Conversions. How many people are filling out your online requests/calls to action? How many people are making phone calls to inquire about your products or services? How many people are subscribing to your newsletter or invitation for content downloads? Conversions give a good indication of how well your campaign is working. Tracking conversions will also help you identify the specific demographic of people who are responding to you.
  2. 2. Visitors. How many people are coming to your website? This not only gives an indication of your online marketing efforts, but also your overall marketing efforts (advertising, going on tradeshows, distributing press releases, etc.).
  3. 3. Bounce rate. How many people are going to your site and leave without clicking the other pages? This can give a strong indication of the quality of the traffic you get. If your website is not interesting enough for them to want to know more or if your website does not actually give them what they’re looking for, the readers who visit your website will immediately leave. Thus, having a lower bounce rate is good news.
  4. 4. Time on site. How much time are people spending on your site, on the average? It indicates the interest level of your visitors and whether they find the information you present relevant to their needs. If they are “sticking” to your website, chances are, they are reading about information that is interesting and important to them. (However, this can also indicate that the user is having trouble finding the information he needs.). One factor that turns off readers is a slow site load time. People get frustrated about slow loading times and leave the page (sometimes, even without getting to see the landing page).
  5. 5. Top Content. This provides you the information of what visitors are looking for in your website, which webpages they are reading and what webpages are more likely to elicit calls or contact from your readers.
  6. 6. Keywords. This shows you the keywords your readers used to find your website. This will give you more insight on your customers or visitors as you learn the phrases they are using, the things they are looking for, and so on.

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