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Keywords for Maximizing Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Title Tags

In HTML documents, the opening Title or <HEAD> section is the primary word string used by search engines.

The Title contains primary and secondary keywords and is no more than 70 characters in length. Brief descriptions of the article are important as the Title Tag describes the document’s text. The title appears in the browser, on the search results page and on external links and/or websites. Targeting specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO) words in the Title helps distinguish documents, increasing web traffic.

For example, if writing a document about Search Engine Optimization for Salt Lake City companies, it would be best to structure the Title according to the following format:


<TITLE> Utah Search Engine Optimization </TITLE>


The Title “Utah Search Engine Optimization” would appear in the browser, as this is the official Title of the document. This will also be the default Title when a reader bookmarks the site in a browser.

Title Elements


The Title of the document always appears at the top of the browsing software. Typically, this feature makes the reader feel the article is safe and from a reputable source, though it has little impact on a reader’s visible attention span.

Search Engine Results

When a reader searches for a term, for example, “Salt Lake City Search Engine Optimization” the matching word phrases will either be highlighted or appear in bold. For example, the document “Utah Search Engine Optimization” would appear as “Utah Search Engine Optimization” as these search phrases are identical.

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