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KushSack offers soft, oversized “bean bag chairs” that people can enjoy sinking into. Although it is not actually made of beans, these chairs are equipped with memory foam, making the bean bag chairs not too soft and not too firm, but “just right”.  KushSack’s oversize foam bags are perfect for all occasions and are great accessories for the living room, the bed room or the family recreational room. People can simply sit and relax in the KushSack while reading a good book, taking a nap, talking with friends or catching up on the latest TV shows.

The company was established in 2010 with the goal of providing exceptional products at the best prices. This commitment is evident in the foam bag chairs they offer. These chairs are made with the softest of fabrics, namely high quality velvet or micro suede. These fabrics are known to be durable and actually become better over time. These are machine washable and very durable. Some chairs are made with twill or corduroy.

People can buy KushSacks online and it will be delivered to their homes within 10 business days. No added shipping costs are charged. People can choose from the following products:
–  King Kush.  Fit for a king! With a diameter of 6 feet, this chair can seat two (or even three!) comfortably. This comes in classic velvet fabric or vintage suede and weights some 60 pounds. Its enormous size has made it the best seller of the family of KushSacks.
–  Cuddle Queen. With its diameter of 5 feet, this comes as a close second to the King Kush. It is able to fit 2 comfortably and weighs 50 – 55 pounds. Perfect for XBOX or PS3 battles with a friend or just some sweet times with one’s significant other.
–  6’ KushSack Promo Product. For a limited time only, the King Kush will come in other fabrics:

–  Little Kish. Perfect for the little ones (and even the big ones!) and can fit corners and small spaces. It is 3 feet in diameter and weights around 35 to 40 pounds.
–  Kush Stool. While you are comfortably seated in your KushSack, plunk your feet in the Kush Stool for an added level of comfort.

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Adaptivity Pro helps increase the visibility and presence of companies such as KushSack in the internet. With the use of Internet marketing tools and strategies, this Utah web design company has helped many companies discover the power of the Internet in bringing in the sales, as well as in increasing brand recognition. Adaptivity Pro is composed of a team of skilled web designers, programmers, copywriters and SEO analysts led by President and CEO Eric Morgan.

This SLC SEO company has also considerably grown. From its beginnings in Utah, Adaptivity Pro has since started servicing national and international clients.

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