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Last Minute Dash: Ways to Improve Conversions this Holiday Season

The year 2014 is at its final leg. Everyone is busy handling the frenzy that is always associated with the holiday shopping season. By now, you would have a solid e-commerce strategy in place to drive traffic and to handle this. You also need to have implemented your strategies for providing visitors and shoppers with a great experience with your website and online store. However, here are some last-ditch techniques to boost holiday conversions on your online store and site.

Here are some of them:

–          Provide gift bundles or product samplers. You can offer product packages with your best sellers at a premium price. These special offers can be part of your holiday bundles. Creating product packages can ramp up the average value per order. You can also offer free shipping for certain threshold amounts.

–          Feature gift suggestions. You can create categories (“for mom and dad”, “for your gourmet loving friends”, etc.) and provide gift suggestions that feature your best sellers. This can be categorized based on recipient, the reviews provided for that product, or on the buyer’s budget (via price ranges).

–          Enable social sharing. Allow shoppers to share their feedback via social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. This can not only help to prompt other buyers and remind them of products they have been considering. It can also serve as entries for their gift suggestions or wish lists on their social media profile. This gives you more mileage, reaching the loved ones, friends and acquaintances of these shoppers.

–          Make e-mail follow ups. Based on a visitor’s browsing pattern on your website, you can send them follow up e-mails. These e-mails can serve to encourage checkout (if they still have items in their shopping carts), give gift recommendations related to the products they have been browsing or remind about key shipping deadlines. You can also send e-mails about special offers and when these will end.

–          Highlight your return policy. Create trust and confidence with your buyer by showing them your favorable return policy. Of course, you have to review these policies and make sure that these are attractive to holiday shoppers. An extended return policy may not be applicable for your store’s operations year-round, but it can help improve sales conversions during the crucial holiday period. You should also ensure that the necessary infrastructure is there to accommodate returns in order to support your return policy.

–          Get reinforcements for your customer service team. Be sure that there is someone who can quickly pick up the phone or reply to an online query at this time. As shoppers are busy doing their last-minute shopping, your staff should be on hand to handle the inquiries coming in. Chances are, if you fail to respond promptly to an e-mailed query, they will do their shopping somewhere else.

–          Provide more information about products and shipping. One way to minimize queries is to provide a complete set of information about the products, including the specifications, material, available colors and reviews. This will engender more confidence in the buyers as they are making a more informed decision about their purchases.

–          Strengthen your checkout page. When your customer is at the check-out stage, clinch that sale with a special offer. This can be in the form of special discounts or coupons for the next time they purchase. This can also be an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the customer and improve your conversion rates in the future by encouraging to follow your social media accounts or to sign up for a regular newsletter.

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