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Lead Generation and User Engagement by Social Logins

One main benefit of maintaining a professional website is being able to generate leads. However, there are basically two obstacles that prevent prospective customers from giving their names and contact details. For one, readers are wary about giving their personal information, particularly to a website or entity they really do not know or trust. Second, they do not want to spend time filling in forms.

The quick and easy solution? Social logins.

Benefits for both you and your readers

You can provide the capability by which readers can register an account in your website through their social media accounts. This radically simplifies the registration process since pertinent information you need during your registration process can be obtained through the user’s social media account. At the same time, the user’s privacy is maintained since you only get what they allow. If there are additional information you need that is not available, you can do a follow up to collect this information.

Social logins help provide you with qualified and authentic leads. It limits the likelihood of false information since the login comes from the reader’s social media profile. It also minimizes failed login attempts as well as the number of visitors who simply chose to leave the website and never return because they were unable to login successfully.

Social logins are also beneficial for users, since aside from the ease in registration, they do not need to remember yet another log-in name and password. They are also able to get access to information or special offers you have that they value. For the user, using their social media account in registering to various websites also provides them with a personalized online experience.

Choosing the Social Logins to integrate in your website

Of course, the popular choices would be Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, which are undoubtedly social media giants. However, you can also look into other social media tools that your target audience uses. Other options include Yahoo, LinkedIn and Pinterest. When you do integrate social logins to your website, make sure that it involves a one-step process. Otherwise, this will just defeat the purpose of the social login.

Carefully select the placement of login buttons

The position of the login buttons should be easy to find. Ideally, it should be in a highly visible area of the registration form where users intuitively understand that the purpose of the buttons would be to register to your website via their social account.

Provide Your Visitor with Options

Yes, social logins will be more convenient for your readers and will help in improving your subscription numbers. However, you should give your readers a choice – to register via the standard way and through social login. This way, you also do not alienate visitors who would rather type away than register with their Facebook or Twitter account. To ensure that your users understand that they have two options you can place the two registration pages (social login and regular login) side by side.

Design for logging out and session expiry

As an added security measure, you can program to reflect the user’s login status. When the user logs out from the website, this should be properly noted by the system. Also, when the website remains inactive for a certain period of time, the system can reflect the session as expired.

Leverage your reader’s connections

Provide users the option to link with other social networks so that he can share content through these accounts. By linking to multiple social network accounts, you provide users with the ability to connect with friends.

Adhere to the terms of use policy of the social networks

Remember that various terms of use are applied for different social network. You need to abide by these terms of use and design your website to reflect this. Only publish content to your reader’s social network streams when you have their consent.


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