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Liquid Amino Diet

The Liquid Amino Diet espouses the healthy yet effective weight loss program through a simple and easy-to-follow amino diet plan. Designed for people with various weight goals, The Liquid Amino Diet can help facilitate weight loss of as much as 100 pounds. More than that, the plan also helps ensure that one does not regain the pounds lost. This is accomplished by enabling the mobilization of fat, the release of energy and speeded-up metabolism. Along with these, the liver, thyroid and digestive functions are thoroughly supported.

The Liquid Amino Diet was developed by Dr. Humble Finsand, a chiropractic physician who believes in the holistic approach to weight loss. This incorporates nutrition and fitness habits for optimum wellness, rather than just simply treating the symptoms of the weight problem. The specialized formulation of “Amino Diet Plus” drops is a result of Dr. Finsand’s close collaboration with distinguished and internationally-known homeopathic specialists.

The Amino Diet Protocol

Weight loss through The Liquid Amino Diet comes in three phases that a client has to go through to ensure that optimal results:

– Phase 1. Referred to as the “Active Phase”, this is a 30 to 90-day period where the majority of the weight is lost. This is where the client begins taking the Amino Diet Plus drops, along with beginning a diet plan of 1,000 calories daily composed of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and yes, carbohydrates. Please note that carbohydrates should be low in the glycemic index.

– Phase 2.  A 3-week period after phase 1. This further reinforces the healthy diet and eating habits developed during Phase 1. The aim is to establish the new weight set point that the body can adjust to without being tempted to renege on the diet plan. The calorie-consumption is increased to 1,500 a day.

– Phase 3. This establishes the diet protocol into a lifestyle with the return of the normal number of daily caloric consumption. A moderate consumption of sugars and starches is now allowed.

For those who want to lose a considerable number of pounds, the entire process is repeated until the target weight is lost. During these phases, certified health coaches from the Liquid Amino Diet program will be on hand to provide support. There is also a website to help provide useful tips, recipes and encouragement for clients. The people behind The Liquid Amino Diet are confident about getting results that they offer a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. The great thing is that not only will clients lose weight, they can also enjoy the benefits of an improved lifestyle.

About Adaptivity Pro

Adaptivity Pro provides Utah web design and web-marketing services, which work in conjunction with The Liquid Amino Diet program’s support mechanism. Aside from SLC web design, Adaptivity Pro provides companies with Utah SEO to help increase their presence in the web. Adaptivity Pro  does this by keeping a team of experienced and expert web designers, programmers, copy writers and SEO specialists in its stable. With this team, plus the capable leadership of President and CEO Eric Morgan, Adaptivity Pro has been at the forefront of the industry. Its list of satisfied clients attests to this.

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