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Low Price Law

High quality legal services at low prices – this is what Low Price Law offers. With its attorney search services, it matches individuals and organizations that need a lawyer with the right legal team in their prospective areas, but at pre-negotiated discounts.

Low Price Law boasts of a wide network composed of attorneys working at local or regional law firms who can handle specific areas of practice, namely:

–  Personal Injury. Victims of medical malpractice, defective products, and car accidents can get the compensation that is fair and just with Low its roster of injury lawyers. The great thing is that victims don’t have to spend outright but get their cases filed on a contingency basis. Contingency fees for Low Price Law’s roster of lawyers can go as low as a whopping 20%. Areas of personal injury also include wrongful death, vehicular accidents, birth injuries, product liability, premises liability (including slips and falls), Worker’s Compensation, dangerous medicines, bad faith shown by insurance companies, as well as Social Security disability.

–  Family Law. Clients can avail of discounts as high as 25% off regular rates. Even with these more affordable rates, the network is still committed to ensure that the client’s interests are protected. The services cover the areas of family law, namely divorce (whether contested or uncontested), division of property, as well as negotiations of alimony, child support and custody. It also provides related legal advice and services covering the areas of domestic violence, relocations, paternity and modifications of orders.

–  Bankruptcy. Low Price Law provides protection against the negative effects of debt, providing the client with an opportunity to move forward and enjoy a fresh start, even as he files bankruptcy. The lawyers in the network can help a client through the bankruptcy process, whether this be a chapter 7, chapter 11 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

–  Criminal Defense. The lawyers in the network are dedicated champions of the interests of defendants in a criminal case for a fraction of the price normally charged by other lawyers and firms. Clients will be comforted by the assurance that their lawyer will launch a vigorous defense for their behalf.

–  Estate Planning. Estate planning strives to protect an individual’s estate based on his particular situation, goals and requirements. These goals and requirements may include maintaining control, maximizing his heirs’ inheritance or minimizing tax liability. This includes providing powers of attorney, drafting documents and trusts or providing legal advice.

Low Price Law provides the following advantages:

Easy access. Clients can easily get access to Low Price Law’s network of lawyers. They can simply drop by an affiliated lawyer’s office, call or send an e-mail to avail of a free 30-minute consultation.

Discounts. Getting competent legal advice and services need not cost an arm and a leg. With Low Price Law’s strategy, clients can avail of these services at discounted rates.

Nationwide network. With its wide reach, clients can get legal help anywhere in the country, even if one lives in one city or state yet needs legal help for a matter in another location. Low Price Law’s network also allows clients to get legal services even in multiple locations.

Screening. All lawyers in the network are properly screened to ensure that they are qualified and licensed and in good standing with the bar association in their state.

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