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Magento Extensions that Increase your SEO Efforts

Magento has become the standard for online businesses to assist them in building and maintaining their Internet store front. It offers a wide range of features to help you increase traffic, create the right kind of sitemap, and optimize meta tags and descriptions. Magento has numerous tools for optimizing both on-page and off-page SEO and if you learn to use it correctly and take advantage of its rich feature set, then you can have a world-class website such as many of the larger global businesses have.

Magento Connect offers over 5,000 extensions to enhance your online merchant experience and is touted as the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace. These extensions work to assist website owners in customizing their website, improving their rankings and offer a long list of other benefits. The most difficult thing for most Magento users is in determining which extensions are best for their particular business. Below we highlight a few of these extensions and provide a brief description of how this might benefit your business website.

SEO Suite Ultimate

Magento offers a number of extensions for optimizing your site. This one includes just about everything you might need in order to address SEO needs or problems. For instance, it has a tool that adds canonical links to the heading of your product pages for the purpose of letting search engines knows which URL is preferred and which may contain duplicate content. By using canonization, Magento deals with this problem with ease. It also offers a tool to build your sitemap so that it’s search engine friendly.

Carrot Sales Booster

One of the major problems that Internet stores report is abandoned shopping carts. For around $100, you can purchase and install Magento’s Carrot Service. This will work to decrease and even eliminate abandoned shopping carts. Once you get customers to your store and purchasing your products, most retailers hate to lose the sale at the last moment.

SEO Suite Enterprise

This Magento extension offers an enterprise level solution for all your search engine optimization (SEO) needs. Though this extension is a bit pricey at around $400, it gives you everything you need to ensure that your website will rank high on searches with the major search engines. SEO Suite Enterprise gives you Meta Titles based on template and store view independent Product URL Keys, along with Canonical URLs. As a bonus, it includes the functionalities of the Magento Extended Sitemap extension.


Beetailer integrates your Magento store into Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. This is a free extension that makes it easy to allow your connections on your favorite social medial networks to shop at your store. It even provides a shopping cart API that redirects them to your store’s check out. This has proven to increase sales. Setup is easy and doesn’t require any coding to get started.


This is a canonical URL extension for Magento and it will add the new canonical links to the heading of your Magento pages. This effectively eliminates problems with duplicate content by letting Google know which version of the content is most relevant. In recent years, duplicate content has become a huge problem and often requires a lot of work to get it right. The Yoast extension is free to install and lets you add code to the head section of your pages so that crawlers will identify the right page and index it.

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