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Maintaining and Keeping Your Website Up to Date

You have designed and re-designed. Checked, tested, proof-read and re-checked. And finally went live with your website. And then you realize the birth of the website is just the beginning. Websites are not “build and forget” affairs – you need to regularly revisit it to keep it relevant, bug-free and up-to-date. After all, your competitors are doing the same thing – working to keep their websites fresh and interesting for the readers.

Here are some reminders about website maintenance:

–          Constantly ask, “Are the goals of the website being met?” Or to go further, are the goals still relevant or need updating themselves? Does the website continue to draw traffic, connect and engage with its readers and result in lead generation, purchases and ultimately, revenue for the business? Does it contain the latest information and products your company has to offer?

–          Analyze traffic, visits and reader engagement. What interests your readers? Can you capitalize on this and provide more content that draws more traffic? Can it help you craft new online activities and product offerings? Do you need to remove “fluff” that do not generate results? Doing analysis of your website also gives you valuable insight to whether you are lagging behind in search engine results pages and who is getting linked to your website.

–          Maintain the links to your websites. Search engine optimization also looks at the quality of your incoming links. Website maintenance also means monitoring incoming and outgoing links – and to remove broken links to avoid being penalized by search engines.

–          Update website content and design. Even when you have set the overall design of the website and have determined the style and look of the website, you need to make regular touch-ups to make the website fresh.

–          Manage feedback. When you launch your website, it is best to include a mechanism for readers and customers to provide feedback. Feedback can be an honest-to-goodness look at how well you are doing from the point of view of your customers. Respond to the feedback you receive and make changes as necessary based on the feedback you get.

–          Maintain and build a strong relationship with your readers and customers. Website maintenance is important in keeping your readers engaged with your website. If you do not make any updates, what reason does someone have to revisit your website? None. Continue to reach out to your readers through regular newsletters, updates through social media and encouraging involvement in forums and web-based activities. The efforts towards building a relationship will be worth the future reward of having customers or potential customers that not just know your brand but also trust you.

–          Deal with technical problems. With the fast-paced evolution of the internet, your website will be frequently exposed to security threats. There may also be some bugs and glitches that need fixing. Your maintenance activities should also involve proactively taking steps for bug fixes and setting up stronger security features for your website.

–          Keep up with shifts in technology. Now, its mobile-friendly websites. Who knows what technological trend there will be in the next months? Your website should be responsive to emerging technologies.

–          Updates should be seamless. You can update and make corrections to your website without disrupting its availability to its users. Ensure uninterrupted web presence by doing offline maintenance work and then uploading the changes to the webhost’s server when you are completely done. If it is necessary to go offline, be sure to inform your readers about what is going on and when you will be back.

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