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Marketing Campaigns Perfect for February

With the holidays over and done with and the quietness of January just around the corner, it’s time to start taking advantage of the many ways that February can be used for effective marketing campaigns.

The obvious way to go is to focus on Valentine’s Day, but there are many more holidays and things going on every February that can be turned into great marketing ideas for your business. If you are looking for some unique ways to market this February, see below.

Hold a social media contest for predicting Groundhog Day Results. SLC SEO experts will tell you that engaging content and social media campaigns are the way that the modern business drives sales during the lull of the slower sales months. Nothing tends to get more people involved than a social media contest built to win a prize for guessing and sharing. Simply say that the group that guesses correctly will have a winner (or a few) drawn randomly for a prize. This will encourage followers to not only visit your page but also share the contest with others and spread the marketing for you.

Create a series of football-based advertisements. The annual big game is a huge marketing deal. With over 108 million people watching the annual NFL showdown, you’re sure to draw some attention by focusing your campaign on that instead of Valentine’s Day. You can ask users for their best (clean) trash talking strategies to their favorite game day recipes to feature on your site. Use the team colors in your campaigns, as well as adding videos or blogs about team history to draw people to your site.

Feature Famous Black Americans for Black History Month. Black History Month is an important time to recognize the impact African Americans have had on our history and to highlight achievements. If the history of your product or service involves a famous black contributor, now is the time to write a blog or create a video for your Utah web design explaining your appreciation for their contribution to your business. People will appreciate the break from love-dovey campaigns as they learn a little more about American history.

Create an email campaign for President’s Day. This day each year is a way to remember the great leaders of our country and is a great way to promote your business through sales and promotions. Some ways to take advantage of this is the create a social media post saying that anyone who becomes a new email subscriber for your newsletter will receive a special promotional code, or send an e-letter to current subscribers with a code as well as a history lesson on President’s Day and how it came to be.


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