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Marketing Ideas to “Like” on Facebook

Who else isn’t on Facebook? The popularity of this social networking site provides great potential that a savvy marketer can harness. After all, Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the world, second only to Google. Although Facebook is primarily a place where friends and associates can connect and get tabs on each other’s lives (via status updates, photos, etc.), you can also use Facebook to make connections to customers and help promote awareness and support for your business or brand.

The thing is, building a Facebook page for your business does not guarantee success. You don’t simply post a promotion and hope that people will come and “like” you. You have to give your promotions a bit of a push so that people will see it and share it with their friends. The key element in marketing through Facebook is having a definite strategy that will actively target customers and work to promote the exposure of your brand/company.

Here are some marketing ideas or tips for you to remember when you’re marketing on Facebook:

Some examples of promos/competitions include:

– For a self-storage unit: a contest for the top three messiest and cramped garages. Contestants will be asked to post photos of their garage and have friends like their photos. This makes great viral content, as contestants (and supporters) will post requests on their Facebook page, asking other friends to vote for his entry.

– Oreo Cookies: a bid to set a Guinness Book of World records for the “most number of likes in Facebook within 24 hours”. This keeps Facebook fans interested and involved.

– Target: a contest where college students use products found in Target to decorate their room.

– A local mall: Facebook contest of who has the best Halloween costume.

– News site: Offer of access exclusive to “Facebook fans only” or access to content that is not displayed in the website.

– For a clothing line: Competition on the best styling using the products or displaying pictures of fans that use the products. The promotion could also include content regarding fashion do’s and don’ts, as well as product galleries that fans can view, like and comment about.

– Other promotions may include discount vouchers, games and apps and freebies.

Of course, you have to think about what it the best promotion for your kind of business. When you have a promotion, post messages to your fan base: at the beginning of the promotion, during the promotion and a few days before the promotion is about to end.

One other avenue to explore is making use of videos on YouTube. This can help attract traffic to your Facebook page and eventually to your website. A classic example of a successful use of YouTube would be the “Will It Blend” videos by BlendTec, which went viral due to the fact that the videos were about trying to blend all kinds of stuff using the company’s blender. If your videos are compelling and interesting enough, your fans will be the one to spread the word for you.

These are just some tips on how you can market using Facebook. If you want help in promoting your product, building your website and generating traffic, Adaptivity Pro is here to provide top-notch support, which includes providing Utah SEO-rich content. Adaptivity Pro is a SEO and Salt Lake City Web Design firm located in Salt Lake City. They have extensive experience in providing quality websites that are search-engine friendly and professionally designed.

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