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Marketing Ideas to Beat the Heat

The sweltering dog days of summer are upon us, and shoppers are trying to do anything they can to beat the heat until the first cool breeze of fall hits the air. While your customers are staying indoors, your brick and mortar may be suffering from a slow slump.

There are a few tactics that you can apply to your summer marketing to help draw customers out in the sun or make a visit to your website for some online purchases from the comfort of their air-conditioned homes. If you are looking for some great beat-the-heat marketing strategies, see below.

Play up your seasonal items with sales. Even a winter-wear company can boast some useful items during the hot months, so now is the time to promote those items above all else. Change your marketing keywords to play up the advantages of your product or services during the hot months. If you sell durable sleeping bags that can withstand even the harshest cold, try advertising a mountain trip with friends for a camping experience of a lifetime.

Sponsor an outdoor movie night. One of the most popular summertime family activities in most cities now is the screening of outdoor films in parks or large venues. With summer night temperatures comfortable for most, these outdoor films are a great chance to watch their favorite family features under the stars. Food businesses can offer a pop-up or food truck, and other businesses can get their names out there with it plastered on a large inflatable screen that provides family fun. Hand out sales ads or coupons before and after, but stay back and enjoy the movie to keep the fun going.

Make it worth their while on social media. Salt Lake City SEO experts know that social media is a key part of a summer sales boost. Have your marketing team come up with several promotions that engage the customers to buy your products that month, even if they may not be traditionally thought of during the summer. Offer a free item to someone who purchases from your store and tags it on their Instagram account, or offer free coupons to the first set of customers on that particular day. Post these through a series of thought-out posts on social media.

Plant your logo on seasonal items. If you don’t sell the items that most people are looking for during the hot months, then the logical thing is to be able to provide them, even if only temporarily. Budget some of the marketing funds towards putting the company logo on sample tubes of sunscreen, water bottles and sunglasses, and give them away or at a discount with the purchase of another product. You’ll be providing powerful protective-wear, and reminding your customer that you care.


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