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Marketing to Millennials – Reach Them Today

The biggest part of the American workforce today is people ages 18 to 29, an age group most commonly known as the Millennials generation. This elusive audience is currently the hottest and the hardest audience to reach. Here are five key ways for your company to reach this vital demographic.

  1. They enjoy personalization. Millennials enjoy their individuality. Their identity is formed by what they like and share. Personalize their shopping needs by showing an interest in what they want. Provide highly skilled customer service for each shopper to reaffirm their value and to keep consumer relations positive. Maintain a record of each person’s shopping and browsing data so suggestions can be made appropriately and accurately.
  2. They enjoy connection. This is the generation which has always been connected, whether through online chatrooms, text messaging or social media. This generation desires a connection with their community and with the world around them Authenticity whether in person or online is a huge way of connecting with Millennials. Social media Insta-stories, live tweets and live streaming are great ways to instantly connect and build that rapport with your millennial customers. Reply directly to their tweets and comments. Like and share the photos they send you. Connect with them on as many levels as possible.
  3. They want to help. Giving back to their community is very important to this generation. They are often willing to spend more if it means helping out others in need. Make impacting and serving the world your main focus and selling your product the second. This will win over the hearts of Millennials quickly and enduringly.
  4. They want convenience. Make the product available through both online and physical outlets. Streamline your website so that the search engines are effective and the layout is clear and well-organized. They are used to getting things at lightning speed, so make sure you can deliver on your promises and your products quickly. Be on as many social media outlets as possible with your company website clearly linked to each page. Cut out as many unnecessary steps as possible, even if the step is a simple click of the keyboard.

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These guidelines to reach Millennials are ones that are crucial for your company to begin using as soon possible. Start by hiring a company with a skilled team of experts in the area of Utah web design and social media marketing. AdaptivityPro will design a story, which will fit all of a business’s needs in web design and Internet advertising.

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