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Marketing to Millennials

The millennial generation, also known as Generation Y, make up nearly one-fourth of the population. Born sometime between the 1980s and the early 2000s, this generation is one of the most lucrative groups of consumers.

So how do you appeal to these young Americans? By reaching them through their preferred method of resources. Millennials are smart, budget savvy and incredibly comfortable in the digital world. Using tools like fresh web design, easy site navigation and social media advertising will work to your advantage when trying to market to this generation of your consumers.

Do your research. With all of the scare of “fake news” floating around these days, this generation wants authenticity. Being able to state facts, backed up by reliable sources, is very important to gain the trust of these savvy searchers. If your business has won credible awards or been mentioned by a reputable magazine, make that a part of your front page on your website. Showing that you strive to be the best shows you offer a reliable product or service.

Try your hand at “Inbound” marketing. Instead of annoying a millennial with pop-up ads, or too-loud radio announcements, try to reel them in with engaging content. Hiring a company that specializes in SEO, or search engine optimization, can help boost organic traffic to your website. Informative blogs and how-to videos are what bring millennials to a certain site over another, and they appreciate the educational information.

Welcome feedback – and listen to it. Millennials have a lot of ideas, and are quick to want to improve upon something they feel is not up to their standards. This take-action generation will be impressed with a company’s access to giving feedback, and their response rate to it. Be available to answer questions, make improvements and make them feel heard.

If possible, offer a “rental option.” Millennials work off a need-based lifestyle. The desire to own things like a house, a car or even smaller products is not something that appeals to this generation. If your service or product can be purchased for a short term, you are more likely to draw in more of these consumers.

Hire them! No one knows more about the market than the targeted audience themselves. Millennials are very career driven and have a lot to offer a business. By putting a few members of this coveted generation on your team, you are encouraging them to design products and services that they would want for themselves. Younger marketing firms will have the best graphic designers, advertising experts and writers working for them so that you can have that too.


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