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Minimizing the Effects of SEO with a Website Redesign

This is a topic that seems to come up very often and I am surprised at how little information there is out there on the subject. I have put together a simple list of ‘must-do’ things to do when you are worried about your SEO rankings dropping when you do a website redesign or website re-launch. If you have a specific question about a website redesign and SEO feel free to post a comment and I will send you an answer if I have one.

1. Incoming links to the homepage will not be affected as long as they are keeping the same domain.

2. Keep the same domain if possible and if it has some SEO value.

3. If applicable keep the same url structure. If not setup 301 redirects from old to new pages.

4. Have at least the same amount of content on the website, but more is even better.

5. Have an .xml site feed setup for google sitemaps and yahoo sitemaps.

6. Setup a custom 404 page not found page that contains a custom message and maybe a website directory/sitemap.

7. Be patient. If you follow the above guidelines there should only be an adjusting period of 1 month or less while the search engines re-index the new website, but realize your rankings will fluctuate for a while – give them time to settle back in.

If there are specific pages that currently receive a lot of traffic you could setup a 301 redirect on those pages to send visitors to the new url. This is SEO friendly and will help the SE’s recognize that you are simply doing a website redesign. Setting up a sitemap account with Google and Yahoo would also be beneficial; that way you could generate an xml file and upload it directly to the SEs with a map of all the new pages to help them get indexed quicker.

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