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Mobile Friendly Website Makeover: Does Your Website Need One?

The world has long shifted to mobile. Today, people have faster and more powerful smartphones and mobile devices, coupled with easy access to an internet connection. Rather than use a desktop, it is more convenient for users to reach for their mobile device to perform a lot of web-based functions – including performing transactions over the internet, looking up a product or searching for a store in the nearby vicinity.

With more and more users turning to their mobile devices to access your website (or your competitors’), you need to continually check that your website is still mobile friendly based on the World-wide Web’s ever-evolving standards. Recently, Google has further bolstered the need for a mobile-friendly website, or a mobile website that is user-friendly.

In essence, mobile-friendliness is about being centered on the customer. Whether you choose to create a website that is responsive or provide a dedicated mobile site for those who use their mobile devices, the goal is to provide the customer with a pleasant, if not delightful, experience, one that will lead to more conversions. It aims to make things simpler for the customer.

So, the question is, do you have a mobile-friendly site? Here are some things to look into:


About Adaptivity Pro

Utah web design and mobile web design principles are ever evolving. It is best to turn to specialists who have their ear to the ground for the latest Utah SEO trends and who have experience about what works and what doesn’t. Adaptivity Pro offers you a crack team of experts – copywriters, SEO analysts, programmers and web designers. Our team is committed to help you grow your mobile-friendly presence.


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