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Odd October Campaigns to Add Unique Content

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve your Utah SEO, or search engine optimization. Most companies are allowing for a large chunk of their budgets to go to social media campaigns and SLC website design content, and October is one of the easiest months to gather content.

Everyone will be talking about the fall colors and the crisp weather, and of course, Halloween will be a big selling point for businesses wanting to drive sales. However, there’s much more to October than these common ideas. See below for some odd October ideas to make your business stand out.

Promote your good business practices by celebrating Fair Trade Month. Fair Trade Month is described as the perfect time to understand where our products and services come from. If you can proudly claim that you are a fair trade company, October is the month to work that into your advertising. Social awareness is becoming increasingly important to consumers, so if you don’t have anything to brag about, this is a great time to advertise how you plan to use the next year to make your business more fair-trade friendly.

Get people reading with National Book Month. October is designated as National Book Month, so it’s a great time to create a series of social posts highlighting your favorite titles and asking your consumers to do the same. These engaging posts will not only draw people into your site, but will show you care about the written word. If you are looking for a way to write in your product, do a series of “books reimagined” where the main character benefits from your product or service in these modern times.

Show your appreciation for working women with National Business Women’s week. Celebrated since 1938 in the third full week of October, this week celebrates the strides that women have made in the business world and how they have improved our modern markets today. Spend this week recognizing important women at your own company as a way of humanizing your business and highlighting the importance of women in your field of products or services.

Get the word out about furry friends with National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Animals are hugely popular with social media, so if you want to create a series of shareable content, then it’s time to celebrate this month by posting pictures of adorable pups who need homes in your area. This is also a great time to sponsor an adoption event, or offer a coupon for anyone who can bring in proof that they have spayed or neutered their pet or adoption papers from a shelter. This will show your business is socially conscious and cares about all living creatures.


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