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Online Classified Ad Marketing

Classified ads can both be online and offline. We will primarily be discussing online classified ads. These are small spaces of advertisements that use just a few lines. A potential customer can click on a link that will bring them to your website, sales page or to an auto responder page. The challenge of classified ads is that you have to catch the attention of the reader using just a few words. You also need to fit what you need to say in that small space allotted to you.

The great thing about online classified ads is that they are free and fairly easy to produce – you can even generate ads automatically and post it on classified ad sites. If used properly, online classified ads can be effective in directing traffic into your website and traffic into your store or sales office. After all, people go into classified ad sites because they’re looking for something. Also, it is easy to target local customers since they can easily filter their search down to the city where they are located.

Classified ads also allow you to provide updates and announcements, as well as tell customers about the latest deal. You can also use classified ads to gauge the reaction of your target market with regards to a new product. This allows you to “get your ear on the ground” before you decide to stock up on more of the new merchandise.

Targeting Local Customers: Do online classified ads work?


It depends on where you put your ads. Popular classified ad sites such as,, ad have shown positive results. However, due to the success of these sites, there is a tendency for your ad to be pushed out since there are more new ads coming in.

Designing your ad

With so much information bombarding us nowadays, it gets more and more challenging to come up with something that catches the eye and the attention. If you fail to grab your target audience’s interest, chances are, they won’t get to see what your ad had to say.

Here’s a few tips in designing your ad:

–          Know your target market. Before you hanker down to writing the ad, you should understand what your customers needs and wants. You should also be able to identify how your products can meet their specific needs. Get to know your customer’s profile – including his lifestyle, income, age and geographic location.

–          Sign up with the popular classified ads sites and also to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon.

–          Design many eye-catching headings. It should provide one concrete and exciting benefit for the customer. Observe: “This facial cream has anti-wrinkle properties.” vs. “Look forever young and flawless with this facial cream!”. The second one has more appeal because it showed a benefit that the customer can get from the product.

–          You should have several versions of the headings so that you get variations of your ad to be seen in the classified sites. Use strategic keywords to drive more traffic not just for the ad but for your website as well.

–          Write different texts for your ad. The main goal is for you to convince them to click on the link pointing them to your sales page or auto-responder page. If you can, add pictures. Remember that if your ad is badly written and designed, chances are, no one will read it and no one will be interested in what you have to offer.

–          Put out a varying combination of headline and inside text – mix and mix and match! The reason why you can’t use the same headline and text is that most online classified ads sites don’t allow duplicates within a certain period. You can only get more ads into a site if you create more unique ads.

–          Read the guidelines of the site and be sure to follow these guidelines. There are some practices that are not allowed in some sites – such as the posting of affiliate marketing links. Violating the rules may result in your being banned from the site.

–          Tag your URL whenever you can – this will result in your link being visible in a number of social networking pages. These back links are useful in driving traffic to your site.

–          Put your ad in the right category. Ad sites are classified according to category. To make more targeted approaches to your local customer, you should also put the ads where your customer is more likely to be looking for them. Or, be on the lookout as to where your customers are searching and direct some of your ads there.

–          Make sure you have auto-responders. In today’s Internet age, people expect answers the moment they ask their questions – even if they ask it while you’re offline. Auto-responders allow you to provide basic information and a sales pitch to those who were interested enough to click on your links.

Checking the Success of Your Online Classified Ads

Of course, you don’t just product ads and leave it at that. You should also measure the success of these ads. It will help you formulate your strategy with regards to these classified ads as you become more aware of which ads your market is responding to.

–          Try a Google image search on your picture which is tagged with a niche keyword. This tells you that the free ad is doing what it’s supposed to do – making you easier for people to find in the internet.

–          Track the responses to your ad. Identify which ads are bringing in the inquiries. This helps you point out the keywords that are effective with your target market.

–          Retry and retest. For those ads that generated a positive response, modify the texts and then send it again to test.

–          Try new niches/categories and see how effective each of the categories are.

Other online strategies

Using online classified ads is just one of the strategies to increase the level of traffic to your website and ultimately, to your cash register. Other ways to drum up buzz and increase Google search results would be Search Engine Optimization, sending articles to known article submission sites and marketing through known social networking sites such as Facebook.

Adaptivity Pro is your expert when it comes to online marketing strategies. We are a Salt Lake City, Utah web design and SEO firm that will work to drum up more attention to your website and more business for your added growth. Adaptivity Pro also provides content writing for websites and blogs.

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