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Online Marketing for a Brick and Mortar Business

A brick and mortar business refers to a company that has a physical storefront, such as a bakery or a retail shop. In the digital age, these shops are often struggling to keep sales up within their inventory in the store.

Large warehouses that entice consumers with free or fast shipping, or lower prices, are often to blame for putting these long-standing stores out of business. If you are the owner of a brick and mortar store, see below for some great marketing tricks that could increase your sales.

Hire a Utah SEO company to increase your organic traffic. If you want to gather customers that are going to be loyal to your brand or store, the best way to attract them is by offering a website that is engaging. An SLC web design company will know how to make your site user friendly, add engaging blogs and video content, and direct your consumers to what you want them to see first on your site.

Take advantage of your local market. Sure, online sales from different parts of the country are a great way to spread your business, but your local crowd is going to be the customers that come back again and again and keep your business afloat. Get the word out about your business by advertising local events such as holiday sales or sidewalk sales, where your customer is required to stop by the store to attend. Also sponsoring local charity events or special holiday events are a great way to show you care about your local community.

Amp up your social media presence. Social media has become one of the most significant ways to target a specific audience with marketing in a fun and laid back environment. An overhaul of your social media posts could help your store gather a following, and keep customers checking back in. Try using contests, giveaways and informative content with short, bright posts to draw in your customer base, and let them do the viral work for you.

Offer incentives for signing up for an e-newsletter. If you want people to be a part of your email list, offering a discount for signing up is a great way to bulk up your list. Once you have your subscribers, keep them by providing all useful content with no annoying filler, so your subscribers won’t be so eager to get rid of the email. Mention local events, “insider exclusive” sales and community outreach projects your business has participated in. Nothing builds a positive reputation faster than giving back.

Encourage feedback, and listen. Whether good or bad, your testimonials will make or break your business. Even if a mistake is made, having a stellar customer service reputation that resolved the problem quickly is key to keeping a good business reputation.


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