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Optimizing the Checkout Process for Your E-Commerce Website

There’s still time for last-minute Christmas shoppers to complete their list! Or, they may have missed out someone on their list and would like to do some post-Christmas gift giving. This is a great opportunity for your shopping site to get those cash registers ringing well into the next year. However, it may also be time for you to make a quick review of your website checkout processes to ensure that your customers complete their purchase and have a hassle-free, even enjoyable, shopping experience with you.

Get them to sign-up. Make the first step (setting up the customer’s account) quick and straightforward. Give an incentive for them to finish their account set-up such as getting a certain amount off on their first purchase.

Build trust and confidence. The customer needs to be assured that he is getting a great deal in terms of your prices and that his information is safe with you. Ensure that your website is fully secured. Place trust marks such as Verisign or PayPal Verified in an easy-to-see section of the page. Also, avoid making the customer feel a serious case of sticker shock by listing down potential taxes and shipping cost up front or continually remind them that this portion of the purchase will be added later in the checkout page. Do not use another domain for your checkout – the checkout page should absolutely be in your domain name. Otherwise, he will be suspicious of the change in website URL and will most likely cancel their purchase.

Offer special discounts or freebies. Who does not want to receive something for free, or get a discount on his purchase? Providing this at the point where a customer is in the checkout page will sweeten the deal and encourage more customers into completing their purchase. Be creative – this can come in the form of a freebie for a qualified purchase, a discount coupon on the next purchase or free delivery.

Remind the user of their abandoned carts. There will be a variety of reasons why the customer left the cart. He may have left to finish an offline activity, momentarily lost his Internet connection or left to check on a piece of information you asked. Keep track of abandoned carts and send them an e-mail to follow up.

Provide a wide range of payment and delivery options. You don’t accept PayPal? Do you receive payments from selected credit card companies? This is one sure way to lose a customer. As much as possible, provide multiple payment methods. Also, give the customer the option to have the purchases sent as a gift, as well as to choose the type of shipping (one-day vs. standard) he prefers.

Simplify password recovery. Remember, your e-commerce website is not one of the customer’s main account. He will remember his bank pin, as well as his passwords for his email and social media accounts, but he will most likely forget about his password on your site. Make it easy for them to recover a forgotten password and get started with the shopping.


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