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Optimizing Engagement Thru Email Newsletters

After you have successfully gained traffic and generated leads out of it, the next step is to build and strengthen the relationship between you and your lead. One way to do this is through newsletters.

Newsletters provide an opportunity for your company to engage with its subscribers. There are still some recipients who read the newsletters they receive. And these tend to respond by making purchases.  To maximize this, you need to implement a solid plan to increase engagement, particularly through e-mail open rates.

Here are some things to take note of:

Be consistent. Work to churn out a newsletter at regular intervals, whether this is monthly, every two months or quarterly. It is highly recommended, though, that you come out with the newsletter every month. Your consistency reflects your company’s professionalism and commitment to quality. It also gives your subscribers something they can look forward to on a regular basis.

Be relevant. Don’t expect your subscribers to be interested in your company’s news. Sending out a newsletter that contains mostly this is one surefire way for your newsletter to be relegated to the junk email folder or the trash bin. Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes and ask: “What are the things I want to know? What topics are interesting for me?” Give your clients something they need – something informational (such as a tutorial or news about a relevant event), inspirational or humorous. Of course, you don’t have to totally omit company updates. You may add them, but it helps to be creative so that when you give out the news, it still is relevant to your readers.

Design for mobile. Your newsletter must render well across all devices. Remember, a considerable number of your subscribers check out their e-mails through their mobile devices. Make use of a simplified format, free of heavy copy and images. Your readers should be able to scan through the text.

Prepare behavior-activated messages. Triggered messaging programs show your subscribers that you are actively interacting with them. Using these can help build the relationship. These e-mails are sent when a person signs up for your newsletters, during their birthdays after they have made a purchase (to elicit feedback), when the user abandons a shopping cart and your e-commerce site has a special offer.

Use an eye-catching subject line. Readers will only choose topics that appeal to them. If your subject line for your e-mail newsletter is not catchy enough, your newsletter will be ignored. Write a short but catchy subject line, which can fit the limits of most email apps.

Provide strong calls-to-action in your newsletters. The key is to get your readers to act as a response to the articles. These calls to action can work to encourage your readers to visit your website, read up on a featured product, respond to surveys or give their feedback. Improve response rates to call-to-actions by increasing the size of its buttons. This will help touch screen users to click the buttons more easily.

Continue the process of getting to know your subscribers and personalizing your content. You can implement programs to get to discover your readers’ interests through surveys, visits to your website, browsing history and past purchases. With this data, you can tailor your content to be more relevant to each subscriber.


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