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On-Page Factors for SEO Success

On-page factors are big aspects on your webpage which you use to optimize search engine success. With some study, lots of practice and a strong work ethic you can use SEO to your advantage. Here’s how to move your page to the top.

  1. Page Title – Each page should have a unique title. This is one of the most important ranking factors for a website and should be given top priority because it will help the website to show up in search results. Focus on two keywords, like restaurants, restaurants- Italian Chicago. Keep this to 70 characters maximum.
  2. Meta Description – Include a sentence describing the topic and the page to search engines and website users. Visitors who search for this term will have miniature descriptions of the page before they click on it. Use two key words and 160 characters maximum, like Restaurants – Find the perfect Italian restaurant near you. Search ratings and reviews for Italian restaurants in Chicago.
  3. Meta Tags/ Keywords – These are unique keywords which are attached to each page of your website and are embedded in the actual page content. Use at most five words and embed them in your blog. Examples of this would be Chicago, pizza, pasta, Italian, restaurant.
  4. Alt Text – Alt Text provides an alternative text when the display isn’t working on certain images. You will place these on every image, matching primary keywords to the website. Examples of this are Mario’s Pizza applied to the Mario’s Pizza logo on the site, so every time you click the logo you are directed to the destination.
  5. Title text – This describes the link’s main content. It is placed on the links in the text, and it works directly with the keyword for the destination. Examples of this are: When you hover over the links for Italian food, “Chicago restaurants” will appear.

The most important step to the entire process of search engine optimization is to hire a company you can trust to get maximum results for your website. AdaptivityPro is a leader in Utah SEO and Utah web design. Hiring professionals like AdaptivityPro will ensure your site gets ultimate visibility.


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