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People in Graphics and The Effects on Website Marketing

I have always been a big fan of Bryan Eisenburg including his books and blog.  I came across a blog post about website graphics and usability a few days ago and found it very interesting.  It is a bit dated (few months old) but a very good read.  It talks about how something as simple as the direction a model is facing in a web graphic or the direction their eyes are looking can play an important factor in conversion, website usability, and information architecture.

In his example they had two simple ads that were the exact same except in one graphic the model was looking at the product and not at the user.  The one where she was looking at the product had heatmap registers (tracks eye movement) that were much more prominent and kept attention longer.  It was interesting as I tested it on myself as well and I found myself naturally looking to where the model was looking as well.

I plan on experimenting with this website design tactic through some analytical mouse tracking software to see if simple changes like this can have enough of an impact to warrant attention and resources for some of the website I work on.  This is extremely intriguing though in the fact of how such subtle differences that normally would be overlooked and not even thought about can actually have an impact on website metrics and how every single detail must be taken into consideration to truly have an above than average website marketing strategy in place.

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