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Permanent One Way Linking Service Review

Here is a review from a company I tried out to get some one way permanent links. Their website promised ‘high quality’ links and the results were almost negative, links from very spammy websites. I guess you get what you pay for, but at least I know now it is not a good option to use.

The website is I ordered just 20 links to test their service. The website I was getting links for was focused around web design services.

This service promises “…When you buy links from us, you are getting quality; this is more than most services can say. If your website is important to you, rely on the quality one way links and permanent links that we offer.” Well that is pretty much blashemy on their part. The link quality was absolutely horrible; most on pages that had not relation at all to web design.

Keep in mind the website I was getting links for was a ‘web design’ business. Some of the websites they obtained links on were related to oil careers, anti-aging products, printing, die casting, and more unspeakable unrelated industries. I could not find one website that was really relevant to our industry.

They also promise “All of our text links come from different website markets from relevant pages that have less than 50 outgoing links. While this may not sound important to you, when it comes to search engine results this is beneficial. It goes along with the high quality that we offer every customer.” Yet many of the pages where we had obtained links from had hundreds or more of outgoing links, not less than 50. They also were not ‘relevant’ websites in contradiction to their website text.

Bottom line, don’t try this service out, its a total waste of money. I didn’t expect much from them considering the cost, but it was worth a shot! Too bad it was ‘too good to be true’.

Here is a sample list of websites they obtained links on:,,,Categories-14.html,,,Categories-24.html

If there are any services out there you were thinking about trying let me know and I may try them out and post a public review on it.

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