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Personal Reputation Management

Controlling What the Internet Says About You

The World Wide Web is a very public place – and it’s often quite hard to control what’s placed in Google and other sites. And you must remember that Google and other search engines are not simply search engines. The internet and its many uses has transformed search engines and also made them reputation engines.

Building and Managing an Online Reputation

When potential employers and customers want your work and professional history, when a reporter wants to cover your story or business, when a prospective date wants to know more about you and basically, when others want to know about you or your business, it’s the internet (primarily Google) they will turn to.

You may have posted something rash in your social networking account (such as a picture of you drunk and happily holding a bottle of beer). Someone may have posted similarly malicious and damaging pictures or stories about you. Or a disgruntled customer may have badmouthed your products or services and posted it on a forum or a blog. Even if your case does not post things that are that damaging, you still want to make sure that what’s out there will show you in the best possible light. It’s so easy to multiply this exposure. The more salacious the gossip, the more it will be searched and linked to and the more this kind of negative information can be more easily found in the internet.

If you’re not careful, what others may find in the internet may not be the things you want them to see. It’s like a skeleton in the closet – only available for every person interested to search and find. That is why reputation management is very important, especially for those who are just starting a career or are in-between jobs. Being able to manage your reputation can also protect you against online defamation of your character – something that is very possible since the laws regarding online character defamation are not as hard and fast at the moment.

So don’t wait until you see a flurry of negative and potentially damaging things about you or your company. Take a proactive stand against personal reputation management – while it’s early, you can start implementing a strategy to build positive content for you in the internet.

Some simple reminders and tips about personal reputation management

Although the internet is very public, you have the power and the ability to control your Google (and other search engine) results. Here are a few tips on how you can do this:

You can also write for other blogs. Doing a guest post on more popular blogs can help take the top search results spot when your name is searched. When giving your bio, be sure to use embedded links that link back to the sites you have.

When building your profile, you can use your own name and not rely on aliases. This way, your username is also searchable through Google. Also, avoid the temptation of stuffing your profiles and posts with SEO-rich keywords. Your posts and entries should look natural so as to avoid the risk of being banned from the site.

Personal Reputation Management is key in ensuring that when anyone searches your name, you provide them with the right information about you. If you need help in building your website, Adaptivity Pro is here to help you. Adaptivity Pro is a Utah Web design and SEO company based in Salt Lake City. Adaptivity Pro is an expert Utah SEO provider that can control your Google rankings. We’ll help you monitor your online reputation and manage SEO-rich content.

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