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Persuasion Architecture

Persuasion Architecture is the cutting-edge of internet marketing and combines several website elements together such as information architecture, conversion, and usability.  The ultimate objective is to analyze all aspects of the website and make appropriate changes in order to increase profits from existing traffic. Without persuasion architecture other traffic generation strategies such as SEO, PPC, viral marketing, or blogging could suffer. Here is a list of common persuasion architecture services:

Persuasion Architecture Tips

  1. Remember the sole purpose of the homepage is to grab attention of the website visitor and encouraging the user to make that first click into the website and not hitting the ‘back’ button on their browser.
  2. If you have a e-commerce system make sure that you have a SSL secure site verification seal right next to where the user must input their credit card information.
  3. Ensure that your website has a complex internal cross-linking structure so users can navigate to the information they are looking for easily.
  4. Wherever you have a form that asks a user for their personal information such as email address place a link to your privacy policy so they know you will not sell their email address to others.
  5. Go over your website copy and double check that you emphasize the benefits your customers will receive if they use your products or services. Remember to emphasize benefits first then functions.

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