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Pinpointing Sources of a Downward Trend in Website Traffic

What happened to your website traffic? You used to enjoy a healthy amount of traffic and leads but alas, it seems to have dried up. What could have happened?  It would be useful to go through a checklist of possible glitches that your website may have so that you can start plugging the leaks and getting traffic coming in.

Here are some questions to ask when you are experiencing a slump in website traffic:


About Adaptivity Pro

These are just some of the issues that can negatively impact your website traffic. There are actually more that our Utah SEO experts can discover with regards to website traffic issues. And, with the constantly changing algorithms that Google and other search engines use, you need someone who has his head on the ground and who are constantly updated on the latest changes. You can trust our experienced team to provide the SEO analysis for you, as well as your content. Adaptivity Pro offers a complete lineup of website services, such as SLC web design, copywriting, graphic design and Internet marketing.


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