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Jumping Targets

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Jumping Targets offers high-quality AR 500 steel jumping targets that help improve gun enthusiasts shooting capabilities.

They focus on gun safety, while providing U.S. steel products that are long lasting and safe to use. Their revolutionary “jumping” design has changed the world of traditional paper targets, allowing shooters to continually practice without the hassle of constantly changing targets. They offer a number of different targets so shooters can choose different models based on specific caliber weapons.

About Adaptivity Pro.

Adaptivity Pro first started in 2004, offering web design and Internet marketing services to clients in the Utah region.

Today, Adaptivity Pro has expanded to include niche services such as SEO and PPC as well as offering design and Internet marketing to clients on a global level. This steady growth comes from the dedicated professionals who handle client projects and the satisfied clientele that attest to Adaptivity Pro’s exceptional quality of service.

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