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Putting Your Back Office Behind Your Website

Your company website may be one of the most powerful promotional tools you may have – extending your reach where your physical capabilities cannot. You have also harnessed the power of social media to generate buzz about you and to lead potential customers to your website. A lot of effort may be spent on choosing the best colors, font, photographs and other website elements. You may have also put up a blog to encourage more SLC search engine optimization results. If you design and implement all these elements well well, you can even get potential customers to call or contact you.

The next question is, “Is there anyone home to answer the phone?”

How your customers search and purchase

Customers are more likely to do an online search and look at the products on your website rather than go to your office and store to see these personally. Your website is your online showroom. It stays open 24/7, with customers able to access it from any point in the world that has an internet connection.

With a superbly designed website that provides convincing marketing content and calls to action, your website will generate sales for you. In fact, your customers will have already taken a look at your products, chosen the specifications that fit their requirements. They may even have gone one step further and will have made an online search about customer reviews of your products. They may also have shopped around for similar products on your competitor’s websites to see which product they will go with.

If they like what they see, they may just decide to load up their shopping cart and push the “Buy Now” button. But wait… they have just one clarification to make about a certain specification. They call or e-mail – and no one’s answering the phone or responding to their e-mails.

Chances are, they will not wait for you to return their call. They will go with the next website and choose a similar product. That’s putting all your resources for Utah web design and SEO down the drain! You not only lose a sale, worse, you may have lost a customer who would remain loyal to your products and services. And you inadvertently gave your competitor that customer!

Matching Back Office with Your Website Sales Drive

If your website is a major purchase point, make sure that you have the back office resources that correspond with your sales efforts:

Make answering phones and e-mails promptly part of your office culture. At best, phone calls should be answered on the second or third ring.  During office hours, earmark some personnel who will be at the frontlines of responding to phone calls. The same goes for e-mails in your inbox.

Make contact easy. Your contact details should be easy to find, at any page. Or, at least, have a “Contact Us” button placed in a prominent section of the page. This link should provide them with an e-mail form, as well as your contact details and inquiries/customer service department’s email address.

Have an instant e-mail reply. When a potential customer e-mails, have an auto-responder e-mail that tells them that you will be responding to their specific e-mail shortly.

Have an instant chat/message window. When your customers surf your website, do you have facilities that allow them to talk with someone in your team while they’re on the website? This can provide a more professional and approachable image for your company.

Have an FAQ section. Another way to immediately answer their queries is to have a page for frequently asked questions.

Adaptivity Pro provides valuable SLC web design, as well as SEO and social media strategies. It can work with clients to help identify manpower requirements to provide prompt customer response.


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