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Quality Content = Higher Traffic? How article marketing works for SEO

On the Internet, content is king. More and more, people have access to information and indeed, the Information Highway is moving at dizzying speeds. How can you make this work for you? How can you use content in order to increase your presence on the World Wide Web and essentially, make yourself more easily found? How can you compete with all the information out there so as to make your presence felt, especially to people who matter – your potential customers?

One way is to gain incoming links to your website. Also called backlinks, these are a powerful method of increasing traffic to your website as well as increasing your page ranking with key search engines such as Google. Providing more information not just on your website, but on other places, increases your credibility and visibility. You can look into providing content for website submission sites. With these sites, you can submit articles that contain the link back to your website. If other people like your article enough and want to use it in their own website or blog, they may do so provided they also provide backlinks to your website.

The key, however, is to provide content that is unique. There is no sense in copying another website’s content – you may be penalized by search engines for doing so. Also, the content has to be interesting and relevant enough for the readers to want to read it or even scan over it so that they get to the end, where your credentials and website link are usually found.

The first step would be to generate content for your website. Once these are posted, you should wait until the search engines recognize the content. This is so that your website will be the one to get the “credit” for developing the content. Then, you can distribute these articles to article database websites.

Here are some places where you can submit or distribute your articles:








Below are some tips for developing content and submitting articles:



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