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Red Flags that Tell You It’s Time to Get Your Website Redesigned

With today’s quick turnaround times, netizens are used to (and even expecting) the new and the “now”. It’s no longer enough that you have a presence in the Internet via your website, the challenge is to keep your website fresh and relevant, as well as user-friendly and updated with the changes in technology and the trends. The question is, is your website up to this standard? Is it time to consider an overhaul for your website?

Here are some indications that your website is well past its “sell by” date and is calling out for a website redesign:


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Remember, your website is the face you show your customers and visitors online. Studies indicate that users look at your website as a strong indicator of your credibility and your capability as a company. If your website needs a “fresh coat of paint, you need to have a Utah web design expert backing you up and providing you with top-notch design, programming and copywriting services. Adaptivity Pro is also a partner you can trust when it comes to SLC SEO strategies, as well as Pay-Per-Click and Internet-based marketing services.


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