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How to Reduce Website Bounce Rates

A website bounce rate is a marketing term used by search engines and companies. It represents the number of visitors that enter the homepage or a single page within the site and then leave the site without viewing additional pages. A high bounce rate often relates to two factors:

  1. A website is acquiring the wrong type of page traffic.
  2. A website is acquiring the right type of page traffic.

The second factor means that a website is actually working correctly and customers are able to find the answers they needed based on search results. Websites that solve problems quickly often report higher bounce rates. This makes users come back to websites for information, find the information they need and then quickly move on.

However, websites that are selling something to customers and want them to browse online catalogs need customers to spend additional time on their sites. In cases such as these, having a high bounce rate means less conversions, which equates to less online revenues. Companies that rely on low bounce rates need to have a website that increases the amount of time customers spend on websites. The higher number of page views, the higher chance of conversions.

A bounce rate is different from an exit rate. A bounce rate is the percentage of users that bounce off a single page of a site and do not visit other pages. An exit rate is the percentage of people that leave the site from a certain page.

By reducing the overall bounce rate, companies can help convert customers. Suggestions for decreasing overall bounce rates include incorporating the following:

Having a website that engages and keeps readers’ attention is an important aspect to having a successful e-commerce business.

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