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A Review of Article Distribution Websites

Sending articles through article distribution websites is not the best link building strategy but an effective one for search engine optimization. Article distribution websites are third-party sites that host articles and provide links back to your website. These sites contain an unbelievably wide range of topics, ranging from your love life, decorating your home, doing well in business, taking care of your pet and so many others. Some of these sites require that you produce original copy that is relevant and interesting for your intended audience.

Producing relevant, quality and unique articles peppered with targeted keywords and having it accepted by article directories will result in more traffic to your website. The articles will help more people know about you and your products or services, get them interested about how you can help them and then direct them to your website. In short, article marketing helps to get the word out there about you.

You can effectively promote your website through article distribution sites. When you submit an article, you have an author bio or resource box at the end of the article – this drives targeted traffic right where you want it – your site. Also, since you have more incoming links to your website through article directories and other strategies it will help with your SEO rankings.

Some article submission sites host your articles for free, while others charge a small fee. Please note that the site’s higher website traffic rankings can also mean more readers who will be looking into your articles.

The key is to find the article submission sites that are most effective in helping you increase your website traffic. Here are some of the article submission sites you can consider:

Sites with higher website traffic rankings will undoubtedly provide more readers for your articles.

– This is perhaps the most popular of website submission articles and it seems that Google really likes it so much that articles in this site invariably get good results. Alexa agrees, saying that EzineArticles provides the most volume of traffic when it comes to website submission articles. EzineArticles comes with an easy to use interface and provides statistics on views. However, due to the popularity of EzineArticles you will have a lot of competition from other writers. Also, EzineArticles is not as strict in the area of editorial oversight – this attracts volumes of poor writing that may turn off readers. It may also be hard for readers to get to your writer’s bio.

– This free content directory and online article site claims to be a site with one of the most visitors and is effective for obtaining publicity for your business. It allows writers to post their resource box and website links. This not only hosts articles but also books and e-books, audios, videos and press releases. With you get free publicity and establish yourself as an expert in areas your target audience is interested in. What’s more, this site gives access to others so that they can reprint it or publish it as long as they have the author’s permission and the author’s bio and contact information are mentioned along with the reprint. The primary market for these would be researchers and those who want to get content for their website, newsletter or other publications. This, in turn, would get the original author more links into his website.

– This article submission website promises “Intelligent life on the web.” gives you both search engine exposure (with good Google results for SEO-strategic articles) and backlinks to your website or blog. Buzzle also provides you with a report of the number of views in a month and a wide choice of topic categories. However, the editorial team has to review your article and this may take a couple of days before your article comes out. If your article does not pass standards, they will simply delete the article – no notifications to you about the rejection (so you need to make sure you have saved the article). Also, Alexa shows that Buzzle has a bounce rate of approximately 65%.

– is one of the popular article and professional-looking submission sites that allow great results from search engines and allows you to link your website or blog on your article bio. Go Articles also allow others to publish the articles but require them to also include your bio, enabling you to get extra exposure if your article is interesting enough. Go Articles have guidelines, though. Articles should be from 200 to 2,500 words. The articles should also be relevant and useful and not purely commercial or promotional – it should also not contain anything illegal, pornographic or inflammatory.  Go Articles may produce lower click through rates than more popular article submission sites like but if you want to diversify, it is also a good choice.

– This site is free for you to join and to submit articles to. It has the standard rules you can usually expect from article submission sites – there is a minimum and maximum number of words required, it also bans any pornographic, illegal and inflammatory content. You are also not allowed to submit articles that are blatant advertisements or promotions. You can also buy advertising space. However, the search results may not be as attractive as other popular article directories.

– You can submit and publish articles for free in this article directory and contains unique features to keep you (and readers – interested). It allows viewers to get RSS updates on your articles and to also syndicate the articles so that viewers can share your articles by pasting it on their clipboard. The spacing between advertisements and content is also wide enough so that the ads don’t distract from the text. ArticlesBase enables you and visitors to share content via social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and so on. You can also post up to three hyperlinks – not just on your writer bio but also on your article.

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