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Riding the Facebook Wave to Marketing Success

Everybody’s on Facebook! Indeed, the current estimated number of users has reached 400 million (and counting) – and these are only the active users. By “active users” we mean the users that are (to some degree) involved in updating their status and commenting on other friends’ updates. This also means that they post pictures and join in discussions. They may even have their own grandly designed farms and coffee shops.

And businesses have recognized just how powerful a platform Facebook is. That is why everyone is trying to get a share of this pie by way of Facebook promotions. And the power of “word of mouth” – or in this case, “click if you like it” or “show this on my Facebook feed” is tremendous. We can’t help but join contests to win a free trip or a DLSR camera, especially if one friend has already signed up or “liked” the promotion.

Facebook’s Take on Promotions

Due to the number of fake promotions and hoaxes, Facebook has set up a number of rules. This process of setting up the rules is still a work in progress. Also, the guidelines are primarily for those who are running sweepstakes-style promos and contests. (“Sweepstakes” are games of chance while a “contest” is based on one’s skill.) Trivia quizzes, giveaways, coupons and surveys are exempted from these rules.

As of November 2010, all promotions and contests given on Facebook should be delivered using a third-party app on the Facebook platform – the App must be approved by Facebook. One doesn’t need permission from the Facebook authorities to promote a contest (but it does if one administers the contest on Facebook). One also doesn’t need to meet a specified minimum ad spend on Facebook.

There are also certain kinds of businesses that are not allowed to use Facebook for promotions. You are not allowed to have promotions where minors and citizens of countries that are undergoing U.S. embargo can freely join. Facebook also does not allow promotions where people are required to buy the seller’s product first or that give guns, alcohol, drugs or tobacco as prizes.

Facebook Promotions Tips

So, now that we have the basic rules Facebook has on promotions out of the way, here are some strategies and tips to help ensure that your Facebook promotion is a success.

Build momentum. Understand that your promotion may take time to take off. So you need patience to continue with the promotion even if you don’t see any significant effects on the first few days the promotion is run. The key is to be able to build up a fan base.

Be creative. With so many things bombarding a Facebook user, you have to stand out to get noticed. There are two ways that can work – the humorous way or the “information source” method. You can run a contest or promotion that is unique and funny. One example would be a storage company’s “Messiest Garage” contest, where the winners are those who have won the most votes for having the most cluttered and unorganized garage. The prize, of course, would be several months’ free storage rental. Or, Southwest Airlines’ “Fans Fly Free” raffle. Facebook can also be used extensively by daily-deal sites to notify fans of the newest deals. One “controversial” promotion is Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice – which gave away a whopper if one “unfriends” ten of his friends. The promotion was eventually cut down by Facebook because of violations of promotion guidelines.

Avoid spam. Nothing is more irritating than spam and having to deal with spam on Facebook is not an exception. Facebook will be the first one that will act to put a stop to this – and if Facebook gets wind of violations, you may find yourself summarily kicked out of Facebook.

Reach out to your fans. If you can try to interact with fans on a one-to-one basis. Build a rapport with every new fan that comes your way. Making the extra effort to build a connection with fans may very well be the start of a lasting relationship.

Entertain and Inform. Don’t use your newsfeeds only for announcements and promotions. You should tell a funny anecdote or joke (that is related to your business) or provide an information update. You can also share a relevant and interesting quote or statistic. This gives your fans something to look forward to and adds another level of interaction you have with your customers.

Use incentives such as coupons. Of course, it depends on your business. Coupons and other incentives help to drive customers back into your website to make purchases. You just need to be creative in formulating these incentives and be willing to experiment until you find the right incentive for your customers.

Adaptivity Pro and Your Promotions

If you’re thinking of doing a promotion or campaign on Facebook, you can look to Adaptivity Pro for assistance. Adaptivity Pro is a Salt Lake City Utah Web Design and Utah SEO firm. It also provides copywriting services and drafting of strategies for promotions, such as in Facebook.

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