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Roxberry Juice Web Design

Roxberry Smoothies features the highest quality juices and smoothies available in today’s health food conscious market. Forgoing syrups, powders, purees and potions, Roxberry Smoothies creates real fruit and vegetable smoothies with simple, fresh and REAL ingredients.

With several Utah locations and one Missouri location to serve customers, Roxberry Smoothies is determined to take the world by storm. Their new website, developed by Adaptivity Pro, highlights all menu and nutritional information, which features their Favorites, Smart Blends, Freshly Pressed, 100-Percent Fruit, Healthy Bowls, Sensations and Green Smoothies. Whether customers crave chocolate, bananas or strawberries, there is something on the menu for everyone!

Featuring a retro 1940s and 1950s style design, this impressive website captivates readers’ attention and helps engage interested customers. Featuring fast loading graphics that are interactive and colorful, this website offers a quick introduction to fresh ingredient smoothies and nutritious drinks.

In fact, this website also links to popular social media sites, allowing viewers to see Roxberry Smoothies YouTube video advertisements, Facebook and Twitter sites. These social media links allow customers to tweet or post their pictures, experiences and favorite drinks. Marketing experts at Roxberry Smoothies can also include grand opening dates, upcoming drinks, pictures, promotions and even seasonal items.

Roxberry Smoothies hired Adaptivity Pro, a Utah web design company, to create and develop a unique, innovative website that is sure to capture audiences’ attention. This website is geared towards Roxberry Smoothies branding, which includes vibrant images, sleek vintage graphics, individual drink pictures and interactive Flash graphics.

Working in coordination with Roxberry Smoothies, Adaptivity Pro was able to take their marketing vision and turn it into an interactive experience. The detailed, colorful infographics easily highlight the formulas used in Roxberry Smoothies, including the science behind making delicious, healthy drinks.

Whether customers are visual learners or enjoy reading, the Roxberry Smoothie website is bound to be a hit with customers.

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