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Sales Directed Website Design

Websites not only inform and build relationships with readers and customers. If used well, websites can become a sales channel. The key is to have a well-designed, easy to navigate and highly visible website that engenders trust in its readers. These factors mean careful planning during the web design phase.

Here are some things to take note of while planning your sales-oriented website design:

–          Make the prices easily available. Remember, in the realm of the web, it is easy to weave in and out of the website. If a website fails to give the information needed in a straightforward manner, the customer can simply go to the next competitor website. Hiding the price of your commodities will have this result. Potential customers can be turned off by the need to create an account or the need to search a little deeper just to get a look at the prices. Whether the prospective buyer is simply window shopping or seriously looking to buy an item, they would want to see how much that item is. This works well for product-based websites but for websites that sell services, you should make it easier for the customer to inquire and get hold of a quote.

–          Make both short and long descriptions of the products. Provide a short outline of the product’s features and benefits as a way to catch the buyer’s attention. If he is interested in the product, have longer, more detailed descriptions and specifications available. If the buyer is serious about the item, chances are, he will also look up similar products offered by competitors. A well-written and detailed description of the products’ benefits can very well be what can clinch the sale.

–          Add good calls to action to your sales pages. Encourage prompt action and decisions to buy by using carefully crafted calls to action. You can provide special offers such as a free gift with purchase or discounts with deadlines. Place these calls to action in a visible part of the webpage. In every product page, allow the customer to make the decision to buy. These buttons should remain visible regardless of whether the customer decides to scroll down or not. This allows the customer to follow through with the buying decision without needing to hunt down the “buy” button.

–          Keep important links visible on the navigation bar. The navigation bar should act to direct the customer into other pages of interest. These are usually the website’s main pages. The navigation bar can be on the top or bottom (or both), or the right or left of the page. The important links can include the products page (that serves as the “home page” for your products), the order form, contact page, about us page and the support page.

–          Make the experience a simple one. Bad navigation, poor aesthetics and complicated layout, verification and registration can cause a potential buyer to simply give up and look for a website that isn’t as problematic. Avoid elaborate “CAPTCHA” codes and too many pictures. Design your search capability to allow for spelling mistakes. Work to get the customer from the “buy this” page to the checkout page in the fewest steps possible.

–          Build credibility. Before going live, make sure that the website is thoroughly checked for any technical malfunctions and bugs, as well as for spelling and grammatical errors. Strive for a professional, clean and uncluttered look for your website coupled with carefully written content and good pictures. Provide a facility for customers to ask questions and give feedback. For your content, be sure to cite credible sources or website. Avoid using pop-ups which can be disruptive and annoying.

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